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Energy Star Video 2 - The Evaluation


The Evaluation

Home Performance with Energy Star starts with an interview with you, the homeowner, to help your contractor understand the concerns you have about your home's performance.  Things like high energy bills, cold floors in your kitchen, or an upstairs bedroom that's too warm in the summer.

After the interview, the contractor will evaluate your home to determine where the improvements are needed.  They will inspect your home inside and out including the heating, the cooling equipment, duct systems, and even lighting and appliances.  Your contractor will also inspect your attic, basement, or crawlspace, if you have one, and may run diagnostic tests, such as a blower door or duct blaster, or use an infrared camera to find the trouble spots.  Your contractor may also review your utility bills to compare them to similar homes in your area. 

Each home's problems are different, but there are some recommendations that the home performance contractors frequently make.

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