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Energy Star Video 3 - Air Sealing and Adding Insulation

Air Sealing and Adding Insulation

Did you know if you added up all the small holes in a typical home, it would be like leaving a window open 24 hours a day, all year long?  That's a huge waste of energy and money.  Sealing air leaks and adding insulation where it's needed are critical first steps to improving the energy efficiency of your home. 

If your home has an attic or a basement, the biggest air leaks are  usually hidden there. 

In the attic, you may not have enough insulation or you may have air leaks around pipes and chimneys or around recessed lighting.  Your contractor may recommend sealing these and adding more insulation.

In the basement, leaks are commonly found here, around the edge of the house, whre the basement walls meet the floor above.  We also find leaks around doors, windows and pipes.

Your contractor may recommend sealing these leaks with caulk or expanding foam.  They may also recommend insulating the basement walls. 

If your home has a crawlspace, leaks can draw in cold air in the winter and humid air in the summer, making your home less comfortable all year round.  Here, your contractor may recommend lining the floor with plastic to keep the dampness out, and sealing and insulating the crawlspace walls.

You and your family spend most of your time here, in the main living space of the house.  This is where you often feel problems, like air leaks around doors, windows and pipes under sinks.  Sealign these leaks can eliminate drafts and may keep out dust and pests.

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